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Grab a Father’s Day pack for the Old Man

We Have You Covered This Fathers Day!
Hey Folks,

Hope everyone is doing ok?

We can’t believe it is coming up to Father’s Day already…where has the year gone?????

With the big day nearly upon us, it’s time to show your thanks to the old man! We have a great Father’s Day pack, including a six-pack of pale and a nice branded schooner glass to accompany them! We also have an ace lineup if you want a bit of variety, including the freshly canned “Cool Kids Sabro” as well as a much-needed restock of the Pale Ale cases.

All in all, we reckon we have you covered this Father’s Day, so check out the store today!

Stay Safe!

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Grab your weekend beers

Hey Folks,

Another week draws to a close. They all seem to roll into one, huh?

As with every email and communication, we love to check in first and see how you are doing. It is so nice to see your messages and posts, keeping us up to date with how you are all fairing!

Speaking of checking in, we often get asked by you lovely lot how Hopsters as a business is going. Well, in short….we are doing ok! The NSW Government came up trumps and allowed us a grant, and this has really helped us! On top of that, we have negotiated a rental agreement with the Rental Agency and this too has allowed us to, well, keep the lights on! And last but not least the one and only Mitch has been amazing in dropping his hours, saving us money.

On top of all this, we have been travelling fairly well with our sales, both online and through the window on a weekend. A huge shout out to all those who have helped during this time, as well as Mitch for being the man who delivers..we continue to be in awe of you all!

Although we find ourselves in a positive vibe at the moment, we still need to be wary of the future. Our sales are only 50-60% of what we would do when trading, and as a result, the board are meeting weekly to ensure that there is enough cash in the coffers to pay for all the bills ( yep..they still need to be paid! ) and we are very much aware that at some point in the future all those savings we have made ( such as rent and utility deferrals ) will need to be paid back.

So, in a nutshell, just keep doing what you are doing. Your unwavering support goes a long way and we are proud of how everyone has pulled together to keep our merry brewery open. You can also help by sharing and posting all things Hopsters, spreading the word far and wide! There will also be some further communication coming up regarding the unsecured notes and how you can get involved if you so wish…so watch this space!

As always we will be open again this week, and you can always buy online and get the good stuff delivered to you.

Friday 1700-1900
Saturday 1200-1500

Stay safe and well!

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Hopsters Taproom NOW OPEN!

You read that right! Hopsters Taproom, at 198 Enmore Rd, Enmore, is NOW OPEN!

We might have been a little quiet on the updates recently, but not for lack of things going on. In fact, quite the opposite as we’ve been just so busy over the past few months with getting the taproom fitted out, working bees, brewing batches, and getting all the regulatory approval required to finally get those doors open.

We are opening with a series of ‘soft launches’ while we continue to make some adjustments and smooth out the experience, and we encourage you to come along and taste YOUR BEER from YOUR BREWERY. It’s been an incredibly hard-fought journey for our 600+ members, and now you can finally indulge in the fruits of that effort.

We look forward to sharing the success with each and every one of you!


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2019 Annual General Meeting & Board Nominations

Now is your chance to be on the Board of your brewery!

Have you ever considered that your skills and expertise might benefit Hopsters Co-operative? Then we encourage you to put your name forward to stand for election for the Board of Directors.

At this year’s Annual General Meeting on Saturday 26th October 2019, there will be an opportunity to vote for candidates to fill 6 vacancies on the Hopsters Co-op Board.

Any member who holds a minimum of 5 shares in Hopsters Co-op, and has been an active Member, is eligible to be nominated for the position of Director. A co-operative is run by Members, and that means you!

You will have the opportunity to bring your experience and knowledge to help make a meaningful contribution to the future of Hopsters Co-op. You are guaranteed to learn a lot about running a co-operative, during a very exciting period.

If you are interested in this opportunity, make sure to download the Board Election Procedure Kit 2019. In it you will find the nomination form. You will need to be nominated by 2 Hopsters members and you will need to fill out the acceptance form. There is a section for you to complete your skills and experience and there are 5 questions to answer about why you would like to serve on the Board. The commitment from you is to attend a Board meeting every 2 weeks on Monday evenings from 7pm – 9pm.

Nominations close at 17:00 on Thursday 26th September 2019.


The Hopsters Co-op Board

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Hopsters Taproom Progress

Progress is coming along nicely on the Hopsters Co-operative Brewery taproom at 198 Enmore Rd, with construction well underway and an amazing custom mural by Hopsters members Erin S. and Carmel M.

We are at a crucial phase where we need to continue growing our membership and raising funds through initiatives like our Founders Range Pale Ale pre-sale campaign, crowdfunding initiatives, picking up some sweet Hopsters merchandise, and purchasing extra shares.

Check out our short video below to see how the taproom is shaping up:

Don’t forget, the best way to stay up to date is through our Hopsters Co-op Brewery Facebook page and email list, which you can sign up to from the bottom of this page.