What does ‘member driven beer’ mean?

Quite simply, it means that we’ll aim to develop our beer styles using input from Hopsters members. And in turn, that means we’ll be creating beer styles that appeal to our membership.

As a co-operative, we have a very unique model compared to the operation of other craft breweries.  We source, and will continue to source, recipes for our beers from our membership.  Home brewer members may even have the opportunity to get their beer on tap at Hopsters, if their recipe wins a competition.


Becoming a member of Hopsters gives you a chance to:

  • contribute to the development of the beers that are brewed;
  • enter competitions to have YOUR beer selected to be brewed;
  • participate in the brewing process on the planned community brew-on-premises systems either as a participant in our planned educational classes, or as a Hopsters competition winning brewer!

Why wait? Join us today so you don’t miss out!